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Los Angeles: America’s Busiest Port


America’s busiest port, the Port of Los Angeles, has released a video showing its position as the leader for container trade in the US.

In a previous article on the Port of Los Angeles, PTI reported that a second wave of strikes had returned at the port, as well as renewed labour tensions after the the initial strikes which contributed to severe congestion along the US West Coast.

The port currently has 88 container cranes, 270 berths and 43 miles of waterfront for serving the world’s largest container ships.

According to data released by US import-export specialists Zepol, the Port of Los Angeles handled around 2.91 million TEU in 2014.

To download Zepol’s top 20 US port report, click here

The Port of Los Angeles is also to a maritime law enforcement training centre and has over 100 police officers securing the port.

In terms of security, the port also has dive teams, canine units and 24-hour patrol and surveillance to ensure that illicit activities can be eliminated.

(Source: Port of Los Angeles (YouTube))

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