21 Sep 2018
These are the must-read papers from speakers and companies at the event.

  19 Sep 2018
Port Technology's latest edition of the journal is now available online and in print.

  28 Aug 2018
New reachstackers to be delivered by third quarter

  09 Aug 2018
Diesel AGVs to be replaced by 2020

  05 Jul 2018
Port Technology is able to offer, for a limited amount of time, all its papers from the most popular and latest edition of its journal ‘Linking the Supply Chain’ as free to access

  15 Jun 2018
Konecranes has launched a specialized offering that allows a manned-to-automated growth path, remote monitoring capabilities and intelligent software control to intermodal terminal operators

  11 Jun 2018
Kalmar has successfully implemented the Kalmar FastCharge shuttle carrier at DP World London Gateway, as part of a joint pilot project that will run for up to a year

  30 May 2018
Port Technology is proud to announce that the latest edition of the journal is now available online

  29 Mar 2018
Cargotec has appointed Soili Mäkinen, M.Sc. (Econ.), who has worked as Cargotec CIO since 2006, as a member of the Executive Board

  28 Mar 2018
Kalmar, part of Cargotec, has announced the launch of the latest-generation shuttle and straddle carriers to boost reliability, productivity and safety

  27 Mar 2018
Uno Bryfors, Senior Vice President of ABB Ports, has explained why automation, remote operation and digitalization are bringing benefits to the container handling industry

Shanghai Yangshan deepwater port   13 Mar 2018
The container handling equipment market is to grow ​39.3% to reach a size of US$ 8.75 billion by 2025, from an estimated $6.28 billion in 2017

  06 Mar 2018
ABB has presented its view on the future of the container handling industry in a PTI interview featuring Uno Bryfors

  27 Feb 2018
PTI has made dozens of highly academic technical papers free to view from the latest edition of the journal

Yilport also plans to spend around $247 million (€200 million) to rebuild Liscont Container Terminal in Lisbon, Portugal   20 Feb 2018
Yilport Holding has revised its growth strategy for the next three years in order to rise among top 10 international container terminal operators by 2025

  01 Feb 2018
A Chinese partnership has led to the creation of the world’s first artificially intelligent unmanned straddle carrier

  30 Jan 2018
Kingston Freeport Terminal in Jamaica has ordered eight Konecranes Noell Straddle Carriers

  29 Jan 2018
A new video by LASE GmbH has showcased its application LaseSPC - Straddle (Carrier) Positioning Crane — a 2D measurement system for ports

  24 Jan 2018
Konecranes has chosen KCL Lifttrucks to join its local network as a distributor for Konecranes lift trucks.

Credit: Michael Vadon   11 Jan 2018
The American Association of Port Authorities is testifying for a fund of US$ 66 billion over the next decade for America’s public ports

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