VTS, Mooring & Berthing News

  19 Oct 2017
Liverpool Port’s Operator Peel Ports Group has decided to invest in air traffic control technology to boost efficiency at seven locations

  15 Sep 2017
Ningbo Zhoushan port in Ningbo has received state approval to expand 8 berths, sourcing a total investment of around US$1.85 billion

  01 Sep 2017
Port Houston facilities will resume operations on September 1, 2017 amid concerns of draft reduction caused by runoff from the floods of Hurricane Harvey

  29 Aug 2017
A 40-year-old Mongolian-flagged general cargo ship, MV Leonardo, broke in two while anchored in the Black Sea off Turkey

  10 Aug 2017
Global shipping services providers and ports in the US, Russia, Iran, Syria, and China, for example Dandong and Dalian, have been caught up in the US’s latest offensive on North Korean trade, analysis has found.

  10 Aug 2017
Cyberattacks have pushed South Korea to develop a non-satellite, radio-based navigational back-up system known as eLoran, and the United States is planning to do the same, according to Reuters.

  07 Aug 2017
Maritime control centres were previously focussed just on protecting civilian or military vessels traversing the waters, but technology has allowed increasing integration and data transfer between other entities, expanding the services they provide....

  25 Jul 2017
Members of the Houston Pilots recently participated in two custom-built simulation courses vital to their Pilotage duties in the Houston Ship Channel and the Port of Houston, the largest landlocked port in America

  10 Jul 2017
Chinese liner Cosco Shipping for major services into Australia has extended its contract with DP World Australia as 'stevedore of choice'.

  28 Jun 2017
In a move to tackle endemic air pollution in South Korea, four major ports have committed themselves to the implementation of shore-side power supply systems for ships at berth

  27 Jun 2017
TOC Europe 2017 has officially begun at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Center with a Leader’s Debate featuring major figures such as Dr Yvo Saanen of TBA, Uno Bryfors of ABB and Mika Mahlberg

  26 Jun 2017
MOL President Junichiro Ikeda has announced an agreement with MES to jointly develop next-generation vessel monitoring and support systems for new practical applications

  21 Jun 2017
An EU-funded traffic management system has been tested at shore centres to speed sharing of route data between ship navigational systems and shore centres.

  15 Jun 2017
The Canadian Great Lakes Pilotage Authority and the Great Lakes Pilotage Division of the United States Coast Guard have opened the 2017 shipping season using their upgraded Great Lakes Pilot Management System based on the latest version of Saab’s...

  14 Jun 2017
PTI is proud to publish the latest Journal of Ports and Terminals edition to its mobile and tablet app –Port Tech Journal – available to subscribers immediately

  12 Jun 2017
PTI has released the latest edition of The Journal of the Ports and Terminals which has a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and automation for the first ever time

  08 Jun 2017
Rotterdam Port has incorporated sailing schedule data from Hong Kong software provider CargoSmart in its online route comparison tool for shipping companies, Navigate.

  02 Jun 2017
A new joint study by the Journal of Commerce/IHS Markit has stressed the need for the container shipping industry to build IT-based communication structures that foster cooperation and improve port productivity.

  02 Jun 2017
Consultancy Ensys has found that the 2020 IMO rule curbing sulphur emissions from ships may have the knock on effect of raising fuel prices, possibly raising freight prices according to the Financial Times.

  01 Jun 2017
A call has been put out for applications from port sector professionals willing to assist the European Commission with implementing EU Port Service regulations