TOS and Gate Control Systems News

  11 Jan 2018
Chuck Schneider, VP and GM, EMEA, Navis, has shared his favourite port automation project: Long Beach Container Terminal

  16 Jan 2018
Navis has discussed the topic of collaboration in the ocean supply chain with Andreas Mrozek, Global Head, Marine & Terminal Operations at Hamburg Süd

  11 Jan 2018
The Bangkok-based Port Authority of Thailand has completed its implementation of the N4 terminal system by Navis

A mock-up of a port command centre of the future, a one stop platform for the co-ordination of all automated port equipment   09 Jan 2018
PSA will unveil amphibious drones, automated quay cranes, exoskeletons for port staff, and robotic arms never before seen at container terminals in Singapore

  05 Jan 2018
Chuck Schneider, VP and GM for EMEA at Navis, has explained how artificial intelligence can improve automated data collection functions at container terminals

  04 Jan 2018
IHS Markit, a business information provider, has surveyed its leading technology experts to find out the top eight technology trends for 2018

  22 Dec 2017
Dr. Yvo Saanen, Commercial Director and Founder of TBA, has explained how terminals can use simulation to see how new software will affect their operations

  21 Dec 2017
Digitalization, automation and terminal evolution are just some of the topics that Port Technology has covered in interviews with a range of experts

  19 Dec 2017
We wrap up the year with a roundup of the most-read technical papers of 2017

  15 Dec 2017
Chinese state media has published new video footage of the world's largest automated terminal — the fourth phase of the Yangshan deep-water port in Shanghai, that was opened at the start of this week

  13 Dec 2017
Dr. Yvo Saanen, Commercial Director and Founder of TBA, has revealed how the shipping industry is blocking the benefits of AI all in a new interview

  08 Dec 2017
Port Technology's new edition of the journal will help you understand how to address the growing call for improved cybersecurity

  07 Dec 2017
Navis has developed an online interactive training environment that will provide its users training on all key aspects of the terminal operating system

  30 Nov 2017
Today is the last chance to get a discounted ticket to Port Technology’s third Container Terminal Automation Conference on Automated Intelligence and AI

  29 Nov 2017
Noatum Container Terminal Bilbao, belonging to the Noatum Ports Group and Port of Bilbao, has inaugurated the new automatic truck access system

  24 Nov 2017
Forecasting is an integral part of maritime supply chain logistics as predictions start when a vessel leaves Port A for Port B

  24 Nov 2017
The largest container port in Thailand, operated by Hutchinson, has integrated ten RTG cranes as part of its larger automation strategy

  23 Nov 2017
Watch Volvo's autonomous concept truck transport shipping containers from one hub to another

  15 Nov 2017
The ongoing challenge for the port community is how to optimise operations

  14 Nov 2017
INFORM’s Logistic Division has announced that they will release a chatbot add-on in 2018 for their maritime and inland terminal solutions