Robotisation News

  12 Oct 2018
Navis' Chief Customs Officer talks data sharing, the Belt and Road Initiative and what the future holds for APAC

  15 Oct 2018
Jari Hämäläinen, Kalmar’s Director of Terminal Automation, has described the “$17 billion worth of waste and inefficiency in the global supply chain” as a “great opportunity”

  15 Oct 2018
MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, the second largest ocean carrier in the world, has partnered with technology provider TRAXENS to introduce smart container solutions

  12 Oct 2018
ROCs can share data and assume control of fleets in emergencies

  11 Oct 2018
Navis' Chief Customs Officer talks blockchain, automation and the BRI in the first part of a two part Q&A

  10 Oct 2018
Shipping giant continues to diversify its operations

  09 Oct 2018
Tech giant says testing for IBM Food Trust has finished

  08 Oct 2018
XPO to launch 5,000 warehouse robots in Europe and US

  05 Oct 2018
The Smart Ports and Supply Chain Technologies Conference 2018 highlighted the need for business models in the container shipping and supply chain industry to evolve

  04 Oct 2018
EEA and Hyperledger team up to speed up smart tech adoption

  04 Oct 2018
The Smart Ports and Supply Chain Technologies Conference 2018 featured inspiring presentations, influential panel discussions and laid the groundwork for a more connected future.

  04 Oct 2018
Successful pilots help boost smart tech’s supply chain popularity

  04 Oct 2018
Europe’s busiest port to explore tech’s potential with ‘floating lab’

  03 Oct 2018
PTI gives a breakdown on some of the conference's most memorable moments so far

  02 Oct 2018
AGV sector will stretch into the billions by 2024

  28 Sep 2018
Logistics leader to introduce electric trucks by 2020

  28 Sep 2018
Edition 79 is here, and with so many incredible papers to choose from, here are the top six to help you start!

  28 Sep 2018
Innovative business is driving data collaboration throughout the supply chain

  26 Sep 2018
The revolutionary initiative powering supply chain collaboration

  25 Sep 2018
Ports that want to become ‘smart’ need to use technologies that automatically adapt to changing situations