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  12 Oct 2018
Crew rescued after cargo ship breaks down on voyage

  05 Oct 2018
The Smart Ports and Supply Chain Technologies Conference 2018 highlighted the need for business models in the container shipping and supply chain industry to evolve

  04 Oct 2018
The Smart Ports and Supply Chain Technologies Conference 2018 featured inspiring presentations, influential panel discussions and laid the groundwork for a more connected future.

  03 Oct 2018
Session a must for supply chain stakeholders

  02 Oct 2018
Smart tech company wants more corporate flexibility

  28 Sep 2018
FBI is investigating security breach at Port

  28 Sep 2018
Port Technology has launched the Smart Ports and Supply Chain Technologies Conference 2018 on the Whova app, allowing attendees and speakers to fully engage with the event

  28 Sep 2018
Edition 79 is here, and with so many incredible papers to choose from, here are the top six to help you start!

  24 Sep 2018
Blockchain - driving global supply chain economy towards innovative collaboration

  21 Sep 2018
These are the must-read papers from speakers and companies at the event.

  19 Sep 2018
Port Technology's latest edition of the journal is now available online and in print.

  13 Sep 2018
New venture looks to tap into BRI trade

  04 Sep 2018
gKNi sees no end to crash in export figures

  23 Aug 2018
Port Technology is pleased to present its second e-Book marking the #SPSC18 event – Blockchain in Supply Chains

  08 Aug 2018
Dr Christian Koegl, Siemens, discusses how standardization will affect ports

  05 Jul 2018
Port Technology is able to offer, for a limited amount of time, all its papers from the most popular and latest edition of its journal ‘Linking the Supply Chain’ as free to access

  28 Jun 2018
Dr. Eva Savelsberg, SVP Logistics Division, INFORM, has discussed what drives standardization in a smart port supply chain

  28 Jun 2018
300cubits has announced that it is going through rounds of system demo sessions with users for its blockchain shipping platform

  27 Jun 2018
Thomas Gylling, Marketing Director, Konecranes Port Solutions, discussed how the crane specialist and the port and terminal industry is taking different approaches towards the issue of standardization

  26 Jun 2018
Bitcoin is the first decentralized ‘cryptocurrency’ — a general term for digital currency