Process Automation News

  22 Jun 2018
Hutchison Ports Thailand has released a new video showing how a crane operator uses a remote operating station

  21 Jun 2018
Fetch Robotics, an innovator in flexible warehouse automation, has qualified as one of the World Economic Forum’s ‘technology pioneers’

  20 Jun 2018
ABB has announced that it is introducing a new, intelligent design approach to its robotics that will unlock the full potential of digital factories

  18 Jun 2018
The UK Major Ports Group, the body representing the global gateway ports for 75% of the UK’s seaborne trade, today launched a ‘Digital Dragons Den’ contest

  15 Jun 2018
Konecranes has launched a specialized offering that allows a manned-to-automated growth path, remote monitoring capabilities and intelligent software control to intermodal terminal operators

  15 Jun 2018
The Federation of European Private Port Companies and Terminals has encouraged the container terminal industry to prepare for the fourth industrial revolution

Tianjin Port   13 Jun 2018
Navis has announced at TOC Europe that the terminal operating system provider has achieved a record number of N4 TOS go-lives in the first half of 2018

Image courtesy of Kalmar.   12 Jun 2018
Kalmar featured their newest offering in cargo handling solutions at TOC Europe — an energy efficient reachstacker with a Fuel Saving Guarantee.

  11 Jun 2018
The port of Rotterdam Authority will be piloting a new container identification system that will scan incoming cargo on trucks for registration details

  07 Jun 2018
1-Stop Connections has released a new video outlined the history of their Vehicle Booking System (VBS) in Australia, and how it has optimized the movement of goods throughout the country

  06 Jun 2018
Deloitte has released a new insight report exploring the potential of blockchain to transform the retail and consumer packaged goods value chain — insisting that those who do not consider it are at risk of “falling behind”

  06 Jun 2018
A local Danish news outlet, Finans Watch, has reported that Denmark has joined an EU blockchain partnership initiative and will utilize blockchain in shipping

  06 Jun 2018, a finance media outlet, has released a list featuring the leading companies working on blockchain that are set to reshape the global economy and bring forth revolutionary trends

  05 Jun 2018
ABB Marine has been chosen to provide safety and efficiency operations for nine heavy lift vessels carrying with their OCTOPUS solution

  05 Jun 2018
The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) has announced the successful development of a ground-breaking new methodology to measure cyber-security risk associated with operational technology

  05 Jun 2018
CMA CGM’s Ze Box and PSA unboxed have agreed to collaborate to drive digitalization and innovation in the shipping and supply chain ecosystem through start-ups

HPH Laemchabang Terminal: The first fully operational remote-controlled terminal in Thailand. Vahle delivered the data communication system for the eRTG cranes.   05 Jun 2018
VAHLE has told Port Technology that it will introduce a ‘game-changing’ system for container handling cranes while it exhibits at the TOC Europe event in Rotterdam this month

  04 Jun 2018
The CMA CGM Group has made progress in the field of artificial intelligence for maritime transportation after beginning a collaboration with San Francisco-based startup Shone

  04 Jun 2018
An Abu Dhabi Ports subsidiary has claimed that it is the first Abu Dhabi entity to develop and launch its own blockchain technology for imports and exports

  30 May 2018
Port Technology is proud to announce that the latest edition of the journal is now available online