Politics News

  21 Sep 2017
The European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) with a coalition of thirty European transport bodies has asked the EU for renewed Connecting Europe Facility funding.

  19 Sep 2017
Intermodal logistics between the main Luzon ports might be boosted with a proposal to link Manila to Batangas Port in the Philippines

  13 Sep 2017
Vice Admiral Sandra Stosz, Deputy Commandant of Mission Support for the US Coast Guard (USCG) has called for digital solutions for port inspections and rescue

  13 Sep 2017
A US government solution for supply chain congestion occasioned by large ship sizes is set to be presented in Autumn, 2017

  13 Sep 2017
Diesel emissions from ships cause twice as many lighting strikes to hit the world’s busiest shipping lanes, according to a study published in Geophysical Research Letters.

  12 Sep 2017
Brexit Britain will be the best country in the world to do maritime business with due to more trade opportunities, more jobs and more investment in new technologies, the UK’s Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has said

  12 Sep 2017
The Indian government’s Ministry of Shipping has credited technology investments in its Make in India initiative as the reason for growth at all its major ports

  08 Sep 2017
The authorities of the Belgian Port of Ghent and the Dutch port of Zeeland have penned a merger agreement for submitting to shareholders and works councils

  06 Sep 2017
Esben Poulsson, Chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), has called for shipowners, equipment manufacturers and governments to collectively spend US$ 100 billion to ensure that new ballast water regulations are successful

  06 Sep 2017
The British Ports Association's (BPA) Chief Executive Richard Ballantyne is backing the Labour Party campaign to keep the UK in the European Single Market and Customs Union after Brexit

  05 Sep 2017
Adani Group, owner of India’s largest private port developer Adani Ports, and Swedish defence company Saab have announced a plan to collaborate in defence in India.

  05 Sep 2017
The UK’s Department for Transport has revealed that container traffic with the European Union rose 9% to 3.6 million TEU, while container exports rose by 11% to 2.1 million TEUs

  04 Sep 2017
Five new ports are set to join an alliance of 21 ports in China and Malaysia for which investment is one of five goals targeting improvements

  04 Sep 2017
DP World Group has started construction on a greenfield multi-purpose port project in Posorja, Ecuador after DP World won the 50-year concession to build the facility

  30 Aug 2017
Eleven crew have been evacuated from a sinking cargo ship sunk by the second major storm to strike the Hong Kong area in a week

  23 Aug 2017
The Port of Tallinn has selected Baker McKenzie-Cobalt as a legal team it prepares to have its shares listed on the Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange this autumn

  11 Aug 2017
Saudi-led trade sanctions on Qatar has not fazed the small Persian Gulf emirate from strengthening its ties as new shipping routes and agreements are keeping its future as a regional trade hub alive

  10 Aug 2017
Global shipping services providers and ports in the US, Russia, Iran, Syria, and China, for example Dandong and Dalian, have been caught up in the US’s latest offensive on North Korean trade, analysis has found.

  09 Aug 2017
Qatar Ports Management Company (Mwani Qatar) has tentatively agreed to provide Hamad Port container loading services to a chemicals company.

  08 Aug 2017
Real Estate company Transwestern in an analysis of land prices has found US ports engaged in terminal expansion to handle larger ships from Asia tend to face knock-on land price effects