Politics News

  05 Jul 2018
Port Technology is able to offer, for a limited amount of time, all its papers from the most popular and latest edition of its journal ‘Linking the Supply Chain’ as free to access

  16 Jul 2018
DPFZA disputes Dubai-based operator’s claims

  13 Jul 2018
Tensions increase on Horn of Africa after DIFTZ is launched

  12 Jul 2018
Trade war and falling demand could cost Danish giant

  11 Jul 2018
Shipping sector braced for more uncertainty

​IMO has supported the creation seven regional associations for women in the maritime sector across Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, the Middle East and the Pacific Islands.   11 Jul 2018
Next year’s theme to empower women in maritime

  10 Jul 2018
The Ningbo Zhoushan Port Group, which oversees operations at both Ningbo and Zhoushan ports, has entered the International Association of Ports and Harbours

  09 Jul 2018
Deal will see COSCO becoming world’s third biggest container line

  09 Jul 2018
Congressman writes to Secretary of State about Port of Djibouti

  06 Jul 2018
New free trade zone could make Horn of Africa global hub

  05 Jul 2018
China and Singapore continue to deepen economic ties through free trade

  04 Jul 2018
Dredging operations to bring the Norfolk Harbour at the Port of Virginia to the target depth of 55-feet have been authorized by the U.S Army Corps of Engineers

  04 Jul 2018
The risk to container shipping from US-led trade wars is currently low, but potentially very damaging

  04 Jul 2018
The Canadian government has announced a $7.5 million investment in the Port of Thunder Bay’s infrastructure

  03 Jul 2018
The ongoing trade war provides uncertainty for the shipping industry and could derail current global growth if current measures are kept in place, a release from BIMCO states

  03 Jul 2018
Transparency International has found a number of 'critical governance flaws' that could compromise the IMO’s 2050 Greenhouse Gas strategy

  02 Jul 2018
The International Chamber of Shipping has released a new publication to support the global shipping industry in phasing out CO2 emissions

  27 Jun 2018
Maersk Line has confirmed that the Maersk Alexander has landed safety on Sicily and disembarked all those needing refuge

  25 Jun 2018
A Maersk container ship has picked up 113 migrants from a boat off southern Italy

  20 Jun 2018
China Merchant Port has released its final payment of US$ 584 million to secure its Sri Lanka’s Hambantota Port concession for $976 million