Politics News

  19 Sep 2018
Port Technology's latest edition of the journal is now available online and in print.

  20 Sep 2018
By Roberto Laurino, Director of Global Business Devlepment, iContainers

  20 Sep 2018
Trade association: adjustments will hurt customers

  18 Sep 2018
The government of Greenland has agreed to support a ban on the use of heavy fuel oil by Arctic shipping, as imposed by the International Maritime Organization.

  14 Sep 2018
Government makes plans to protect UK trade

  13 Sep 2018
PTI offers unique opportunity to quiz SPSCT panellists

  12 Sep 2018
PTI gives you a glimpse at the third session of the conference's second day

  12 Sep 2018
Report suggests China can no longer keep up

  11 Sep 2018
Terminal operator insists nationalisation is illegal

  11 Sep 2018
New agreement strengthens economic cooperation

  11 Sep 2018
ITF accuses local police of violence

  10 Sep 2018
New levies threaten to escalate US-China Trade War

  10 Sep 2018
Move taken following latest High Court ruling

  10 Sep 2018
Ocean carrier suffers following bunker cost spike

  06 Sep 2018
Deal announced with global risk management company NDNV GL

  06 Sep 2018
The International Chamber of Shipping has represented shipowners at the United Nations, as negotiations over a new legal instrument for the protection of the ocean began

  05 Sep 2018
New ruling reaffirms decision by LCIA

  04 Sep 2018
gKNi sees no end to crash in export figures

  03 Sep 2018
Thomas Gylling, Marketing Director of Konecranes, explains the importance of data sharing and automation

  30 Aug 2018
The latest instalment of our BRI series sees us talk to Dr Ayesha Siddiqa