Oil, Gas and Chemical Handling News

  19 Nov 2018
New vessel is part of carrier’s long term green plans

  16 Nov 2018
Government investment looks to create new modern transport hub

  05 Nov 2018
The International Maritime Organization has outlined its plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, by implementing energy-efficiency measures for ships and promoting technology transfer

  05 Nov 2018
The benefits are clear, but questions remain over its viability

  31 Oct 2018
Police are treating explosion as an ‘industrial accident’

  23 Oct 2018
Clean Arctic Alliance calls on industry to commit to fuel measures

  22 Oct 2018
Ship will part of company’s 'Big Data' initiative

  15 Oct 2018
Images from French Ministry of Defence show aftermath of October 7 smash

  12 Oct 2018
French Navy on hand to ease effects of pollution

  11 Oct 2018
Traders predict Washington to benefit thanks to superior refining

  09 Oct 2018
The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore has headed a multi-agency Joint Oil Spill Exercise, demonstrating Singapore's readiness to respond to oil spills at sea

  28 Sep 2018
Logistics leader to introduce electric trucks by 2020

  28 Sep 2018
Edition 79 is here, and with so many incredible papers to choose from, here are the top six to help you start!

  27 Sep 2018
This year marks 70 years since its founding

  25 Sep 2018
The Head of Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency at the International Maritime Organization has kept firm on the dates set for the new sulphur limits

  25 Sep 2018
Mediterranean Shipping Company has announced its operating costs will “significantly increase”

  21 Sep 2018
These are the must-read papers from speakers and companies at the event.

  19 Sep 2018
Port Technology's latest edition of the journal is now available online and in print.

  05 Sep 2018
New ruling reaffirms decision by LCIA

  05 Sep 2018
Innovation released ahead of IMO 2020 rules