Environment News

  17 Nov 2017
The Port of Long Beach will spend $2.4 million to help improve pollution levels and work towards the zero-emission goals of the Clean Air Action Plan

  10 Nov 2017
Planting seaweed and limiting overdevelopment are among many measures that may be employed to better protect ports from severe weather

  09 Nov 2017
State agencies are demonstrating Siemens’ tram-like electrification technology for heavy duty trucks as part of a US$13 million project near Los Angeles Port

Benjamin Franklin - a Vessel of 18,000 TEU. Credit: DonWilson©   07 Nov 2017
The CMA CGM Group has decided to equip nine of its ultra-large 22,000 TEU vessels, due to arrive in 2020, with engines using liquefied natural gas

  07 Nov 2017
Port of Rotterdam Authority, Dutch natural gas supplier Gasunie and state-owned natural gas supplier EBN are studying infrastructure to capture and transport carbon dioxide in Rotterdam’s port area

  07 Nov 2017
An Aurecon study has found that port operators and governments need to work together to combat how climate change will affect ports and port-based economies

Durban Harbour and cityscape   03 Nov 2017
Mediterranean Shipping Company is removing plastic pellets from the Durban harbour in South Africa after a freak storm caused a nurdles spill

  02 Nov 2017
Ports of Auckland has released its Draft 30-year Master Plan to outline how a range of projects will be needed for the port to keep delivering for Aucklanders until the port is moved

  01 Nov 2017
London P&I Club has warned of an outbreak of plague in Madagascar including ports and suggested mariners take precautions to avoid infection.

  01 Nov 2017
The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has agreed to cooperate on R&D for test-bedding digital technologies including data exchange with a Shell company that supplies LNG

  30 Oct 2017
Liquefied natural gas (LNG), the cleanest marine fuel available for large-scale shipping, has arrived at the Port of Gothenburg

  30 Oct 2017
New tool ranks those who have reduced the most emissions by transiting the Panama Canal versus alternate routes

  26 Oct 2017
Hyundai Glovis, a South Korean shipping liner, has completed the country's first voyage to transport cargo between Asia and Europe by the Arctic Sea

  19 Oct 2017
Ningbo Zhoushan Beilun port’s multi-purpose terminal renovation construction project has successfully achieved environmental acceptance

  18 Oct 2017
JAXPORT has endorsed liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a fuel source for the maritime industry in a new video

  13 Oct 2017
Antwerp, the main polymer hub in Europe, has launched a collaboration in handling and distribution logistics and transport to keep plastic out of the water

  12 Oct 2017
Project Portal trials to test the capabilities of hydrogen fuel cell trucks on drayage routes at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will start on October 23, 2017

  11 Oct 2017
The IMO is providing technical expertise to help clean up beaches in Greece that were affected by an oil spill in September after an oil tanker sank and released more than 2,500 tonnes of fuel oil and marine gas

Baled scrap metal ready for export in Seattle WA   10 Oct 2017
Maersk has reported that shipments into China have declined after new restrictions imposed on foreign waste started to come into effect this month

  06 Oct 2017
Customs agents recently discovered invasive, wood-munching pests on two foreign cargo ships docked in the Port of Houston