Digitalisation News

  20 Sep 2017
California Governor Jerry Brown has dealt a blow to the automation industry while attempting to improve both environmental and labour conditions

  19 Sep 2017
Blockchain has presented itself as the new way to keep records of monetary transactions in the shipping industry

  19 Sep 2017
Kalmar's President has discussed what the company has in its pipeline to improve overall efficiency at ports

  19 Sep 2017
Artificial intelligence is to become part of CMA CGM’s ongoing digital transformation after the third largest container shipping company revealed that Infosys will help develop its business model

  13 Sep 2017
Kalmar is supporting the terminal industry in taking its first step towards building a common system architecture for an end-to-end, customised automation platform, with the launch of its Kalmar Key

  13 Sep 2017
Vice Admiral Sandra Stosz, Deputy Commandant of Mission Support for the US Coast Guard (USCG) has called for digital solutions for port inspections and rescue

  13 Sep 2017
A US government solution for supply chain congestion occasioned by large ship sizes is set to be presented in Autumn, 2017

  13 Sep 2017
Maersk Line, the largest company in container shipping, has uploaded the technical details of its entire container fleet to BoxTech’s database

  13 Sep 2017
Unmanned surface and underwater vessels will dominate maritime activity over the next decade, according to a report on the future of autonomous maritime systems launched today

  08 Sep 2017
Kalmar’s President Antti Kaunonen has said that the port industry should be able to 'copy with pride' when it comes to standardizing automation

  07 Sep 2017
Hyundai Merchant Marine has celebrated its first use of blockchain technology for reefer containers on board a vessel voyaging from South Korea to China.

Simha: “We are pitched a lot of ideas and have developed a good sense of what is just another hype.”   07 Sep 2017
The Chief Information Officer of Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has said that the global shipping industry will improve its approach to technological change through greater collaboration

Automating equipment with data transmission   06 Sep 2017
Vahle's CEO Achim Dries has explained how manual terminals evolve through remote operations to eventually become fully automated

  06 Sep 2017
Dr Eva Savelsberg, Senior Vice President of INFORM’s Logistics Division, has discussed the importance of looking beyond quayside processes to find optimization improvements as opposed to focusing on the rail yard

  05 Sep 2017
Ningbo Zhoushan Port, the fourth busiest container port worldwide, has recorded an increase of 72% in sea-railway intermodal volumes over an eight month period

  31 Aug 2017
Admiral Patrick Augier, France’s Deputy Secretary General for the Sea has emphasised the need for versatility in employing border control technology at French ports

  30 Aug 2017
Terminal software innovation has been discussed with CyberLogitec, an IT solution provider specializing in the maritime logistics and container handling industries, in a new Port Technology interview with the company’s Senior Vice President,...

  29 Aug 2017
MOL has announced that it will be taking part in a consortium to develop a trade data sharing platform using blockchain technology

  29 Aug 2017
Containerchain, a creator of cloud-based software solutions for automating and synchronising operations across the container logistics industry, has announced that its Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer, Chris Collins, will be stepping...

  24 Aug 2017
Multinational food companies have jumped on the blockchain bandwagon with IBM, as it pilots blockchain container tracking at Rotterdam and Los Angeles ports