Automated Decision Making News

  20 Mar 2018
The development of a new technology called ‘Blue 5.0.’ plans to implement analytics and machine learning to benefit shipping

An Uber self-driving Volvo XC90 SUV on 7th street and Market part of Uber's testing program within San Francisco that resumed in March 2017   20 Mar 2018
Uber has had to halt its testing of self-driving cars after a fatal accident involving an autonomous vehicle and a pedestrian

  19 Mar 2018
The technology group Wärtsilä is to acquire Transas, a global company headquartered in the UK, in a transaction valued at US$ 258.7 million (€210 million)

  16 Mar 2018
Day two of Port Technology's Container Terminal Automation Conference has resulted in many exciting discussions and ideas being shared with attendees

  16 Mar 2018
A Port Technology Container Terminal Automation Conference (#CTAC2018) debate has explored how artificial intelligence (AI) may affect the control rooms of container terminals at ports

  15 Mar 2018
Day one of Port Technology's Container Terminal Automation Conference (#CTAC2018) has resulted in many exciting discussions and ideas being shared with attendees

Opening the dinner, Robert Schena, the CEO of connectivity specialist Rajant   15 Mar 2018
Guests of Port Technology’s exclusive networking dinner hosted at Searcy’s at the Gherkin in London had their eyes opened to the wireless possibilities that scalable, low-latency, real-time networks can provide to ports by Rajant

  14 Mar 2018
Navis’ opening keynote at Port Technology’s Container Terminal Automation Conference (#CTAC2018) has set the tone for the event by encouraging the container shipping industry to embrace technological change

Containership Callisto docked in the port, Birzebbuga, Malta, Europe   13 Mar 2018
Increasing numbers of terminal operators believe automation is critical to stay competitive

Shanghai Yangshan deepwater port   13 Mar 2018
The container handling equipment market is to grow ​39.3% to reach a size of US$ 8.75 billion by 2025, from an estimated $6.28 billion in 2017

  09 Mar 2018
Rolls-Royce has unveiled an Intelligent Awareness system that uses multiple sensors with intelligent software to mitigate against the safety risks navigators face

COSCO Shipping bought a stake in Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG), which operates the world's busiest port (pictured), as well as a stake in Valencia container terminal in Spain   08 Mar 2018
COSCO Shipping Ports has entered into a subscription agreement with Navis for its N4 terminal operating system

  08 Mar 2018
ABB Marine&Ports has released a new 360° video that takes viewers on a virtual tour of the Maasvlakte II container terminal in the Netherlands

  07 Mar 2018
The exclusive networking dinner hosted at Searcys at the Gherkin has now sold out and tickets are no longer available for purchase

  06 Mar 2018
ABB has presented its view on the future of the container handling industry in a PTI interview featuring Uno Bryfors

  05 Mar 2018
The largest open access energy port in Scandinavia has automated the relay of information for large-scale pumping between its terminals and refineries

  02 Mar 2018, China’s largest retailer online or offline, has launched a new accelerator, AI Catapult

  01 Mar 2018
Evergreen Line, the fifth-largest shipping company, has announced it will introduce a paperless Bill of Lading (B/L) in partnership with trade finance digitization solutions provider Bolero International

  01 Mar 2018
Dr. Alex Bäcker, Co-Founder and CEO of QLess, has joined the Container Terminal Automation Conference

  01 Mar 2018
PTI is proud to announce that Edition 77 of The Journal of Ports and Terminals is now available for our audience online