Automated Decision Making News

  16 Aug 2018
New state-of-the-art series the most efficient ever

  16 Aug 2018
Vard Holdings Limited, a builder of specialized vessels, has announced that it will produce the world’s first autonomous and electric-powered container ship

  13 Aug 2018
President of Kalmar discusses the importance of automation

  13 Aug 2018
Award comes after drone MoU with Airbus

  13 Aug 2018
The Port of Antwerp has continued its progress towards becoming a smart port by introducing a new fully automatic sounding boat that employs unique technology

  09 Aug 2018
Achim Dries, Vahle, discusses new automation attitudes

  09 Aug 2018
Find out when the system is available and what it could mean for the supply chain

  09 Aug 2018
Diesel AGVs to be replaced by 2020

  07 Aug 2018
New technology predicted to be industry standard

  06 Aug 2018
Managing Director of Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center discusses supply chain collaboration

  01 Aug 2018
Port Technology is pleased to present its first e-Book marking the Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies (#SPSC18) Conference

  25 Jul 2018
ALLEGRO service will replace the current system

  23 Jul 2018
Ports, the centres for trade, need to become a smart link to connect intelligent supply chains

  16 Jul 2018
Containerization rapidly changed the landscape of the supply chain and alongside its significant benefits

  12 Jul 2018
French Polynesia’s Tahiti island capital of Papeete has smart port capabilities after investing in an intelligent cargo system

  09 Jul 2018
Siemens and Alibaba have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to share industry resources to build a unique Internet of Things solution for China

  09 Jul 2018
Deal will see tech giant be Australia’s tech partner

  06 Jul 2018
Rolls-Royce has signed an agreement to sell its Commercial Marine business in a significant deal for establishing automation in the maritime industry

  05 Jul 2018
Port Technology is able to offer, for a limited amount of time, all its papers from the most popular and latest edition of its journal ‘Linking the Supply Chain’ as free to access

  04 Jul 2018
Director of Terminal Automation at Kalmar, Jari Hämäläinen, has released a blog post discussing the industry’s movement toward an automated, digital supply chain — stating that 'it is not a faraway reality'