Automated Decision Making News

  11 Oct 2017
How blockchain's digital distributed ledger can work to change data processes and structures within shipping to make the industry more accessible

  05 Oct 2017
Sharing the wisdom of some of the giants of the industry, PTI has released its latest issue mega-ports and mega-terminals, in which ports reveal strategies to handle vessels that are larger than ever before.

  17 Oct 2017
Automation is coming to take the ports and terminals industry up in a whirlwind of productivity progress, but how quickly, and for which terminals?

  10 Oct 2017
Rolls Royce has released a new video that highlights its aims in developing smart ship technologies

  04 Oct 2017
Google has agreed to help aerospace and maritime engineering company Rolls-Royce by “teaching” object detection to systems for ocean-going autonomous ships

  04 Oct 2017
The final design of the autonomous and fully electric container vessel ‘Yara Birkeland’ has started trials at SINTEF Ocean's test tank facility in Trondheim

  03 Oct 2017
MTI's pilot involving the first real-world-applicable maritime blockchain solution, SOLAS VGM, has revealed a way to bring blockchain access even to small companies running legacy systems

  29 Sep 2017
Michael Bouari, CEO of 1-Stop Connections, has explained how AI – artificial intelligence – is reducing costs and increasing efficiency

  28 Sep 2017
Port Technology's third Container Terminal Automation Conference focuses on the new theme of artificial intelligence

  26 Sep 2017
APM Terminals' Head of Global Labor Relations has said that employees will need to adjust as Europe’s port operators are expected to deliver cost reductions

  25 Sep 2017
Rotterdam Port in partnership with government bodies has celebrated a new laboratory that aims to apply blockchain solutions

  20 Sep 2017
California Governor Jerry Brown has dealt a blow to the automation industry while attempting to improve both environmental and labour conditions

  19 Sep 2017
Artificial intelligence is to become part of CMA CGM’s ongoing digital transformation after the third largest container shipping company revealed that Infosys will help develop its business model

  14 Sep 2017
Thales has made a major commitment to develop future autonomous and unmanned technology across air and sea by investing $9.5 million in two new UK-based trials and training centres based in West Wales and in South-West England

  13 Sep 2017
Konecranes’ Executive Vice President, Mika Mahlberg, has told Port Technology that automation will eventually come to every terminal due to its affordability and suppliers’ readiness to develop it

  13 Sep 2017
Kalmar is supporting the terminal industry in taking its first step towards building a common system architecture for an end-to-end, customised automation platform, with the launch of its Kalmar Key

  13 Sep 2017
Unmanned surface and underwater vessels will dominate maritime activity over the next decade, according to a report on the future of autonomous maritime systems launched today

  12 Sep 2017
The Indian government’s Ministry of Shipping has credited technology investments in its Make in India initiative as the reason for growth at all its major ports

  08 Sep 2017
Kalmar’s President Antti Kaunonen has said that the port industry should be able to 'copy with pride' when it comes to standardizing automation

Automating equipment with data transmission   06 Sep 2017
Vahle's CEO Achim Dries has explained how manual terminals evolve through remote operations to eventually become fully automated