Automated Decision Making News

  18 Jun 2019
Navis, a provider of operational technologies for the maritime sector, has revealed the next wave of innovation it plans to implement as part of a new and improved TOS

  17 Jun 2019
A cooperation agreement to develop digital ships – signed by Daewoo Shipbuilding, Korea Maritime and Ocean University, NAPA and AVL – has been announced

  17 Jun 2019
Velodyne Lidar, a provider of lidar solutions for autonomy and driver assistance, will demonstrate how it can advance port terminal automation at TOC Europe

  13 Jun 2019
Navis has signed a strategic agreement with leading crane manufacturer ZPMC to drive marine terminal performance

  13 Jun 2019
Volvo Trucks has revealed that its autonomous vehicle Vera has been given a “first assignment”, forming part of a solution to distribute goods around the world

  07 Jun 2019
Fujitsu and Kongsberg Digital have announced a new partnership that will leverage AI to “tackle” the problem of emissions in the maritime sector

  05 Jun 2019
Navis has announced that Five Continents International Container Terminal has successfully automated 31 rail-mounted gantry cranes

  03 Jun 2019
Wärtsilä, a smart technology provider for the maritime sector, has launched the world’s first commercially available auto-docking system

  31 May 2019
The European Commission has revealed that it will offer funding to an autonomous shipping initiative for vessels travelling in European waters

  31 May 2019
With the goal of building a fully automated container terminal that offers high productivity and a safer environment, QQCTN opted for Navis’ N4 TOS

  30 May 2019
Matthew Wittemeier, Marketing Manager Logistics Division, INFORM, examines the key lessons and insights from this year's event in London

  28 May 2019
The Port of Rotterdam has announced the departure of its “hyper-smart” Container 42, which has embarked on the first leg of a two-year data-collecting mission

  22 May 2019
apanese container shipping line MOL has released ‘Fleet Viewer’, an advanced application designed to enhance the collection and analysis of big shipping data.

  21 May 2019
The Asia-Pacific region’s spending on AI-based systems and technology is expected to reach $5.5 billion in 2019, according to a new report

  20 May 2019
The Container Terminal Automation Conference was a key forum for debate within the maritime automation community, bringing together industry leaders

  17 May 2019
RBS, specialists in smart systems for ports and terminals, has followed on from previous examinations into automation and cloud-based software by exploring the potential of the Internet-of-Things (IoT), and asking the question – why are we...

  16 May 2019
Hutchison Ports has revealed that its BEST container terminal, part of the Port of Barcelona, is expanding its container handling capacity

  14 May 2019
Cargotec has announced that it will collaborate on joint projects with seven start-up organizations as a result of the Rainmaking Trade & Transport Impact Programme

  13 May 2019
Kalmar has agreed a deal with Dublin Ferryport Terminals, Ireland, to extend the AutoRTG system at the terminal with two new AutoRTG cranes

  13 May 2019
Real Time Business Solutions, a provider of terminal operating systems and digital services, has announced that it is introducing “automation in the cloud”