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Leading Port Agency Inchcape Expands Portfolio

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Inchcape Shipping Services, a leading provider of port agency services, has announced its acquisition of V.Ships’ port agency business.

As part of a reciprocal agreement between Inchcape and V.Group, the latter will also acquire Inchcape’s Global Marine Travel.

The acquisition of V.Ships establishes a partnership between the world’s largest ship manager and the world’s leading port agent, according to a statement.

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In November 2018, V.Group launched the Seafarer app, a crew management tool that will help to improve crew performance, assist in planning, and support the professional development and training of seafarers.

Inchcape has confirmed that it will offer a full scope of agency services to V.Ships Agency’s customers across its global network.

Frank Olsen, CEO of Inchcape Shipping Services, commented: “I’m delighted with our acquisition of V.Ships Agency business.



“This deal enables us to drive value for our customers by working in partnership with V.Group, delivering enhanced service across our global network.

“Compliance, scale and transparency are at the heart of this partnership and will continue to be fundamental to our business and our customers.”

Elliot Gow, Group Managing Director of Marine Services at V.Group, added: “V.Group believes that customers understand the benefit of scale and focus in the maritime services business and we’re thrilled that V.Ships Agency is going to be a key partner in delivering Inchcape’s vision of a smoother, smarter ocean.”

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