LASE Shows Off Straddle Carrier Positioning Crane Tech


A new video by LASE GmbH, a specialist in hardware and applied software in the field of laser measurement technology, has showcased its application LaseSPC – Straddle (Carrier) Positioning Crane — a 2D measurement system for ports.

Two 2D laser scanners mounted at the waterside and landside gantry cranes enable the system to work by equipping straddle carriers with reference markers on all four legs.

After the straddle carrier is under or approaching the crane, the measurement system detects them and calculates the exact position of the straddle carrier (SC).

With the use of LED displays, the straddle carrier driver receives a feedback about his relative position to the crane centre and the final target position.


When the crane spreader moves within the portal in order to pick or drop a container, the approaching SC is recognized within the surveillance area in front of and behind the portal area


The positioning results could be used to do pre-adjustments of the trolley and spreader in order to have a perfect container pick-up


Read more about LASE Industrielle Lasertechnik GmbH in the PTI Supplier Directory

Possible corrections of the position will be shown as numeric displacement information in order to move forwards or backwards.

Furthermore, the information of the straddle carrier will be hosted to the crane control system in order to prevent the hoist lowering into the lane where the straddle carrier is.

The system offers an exact positioning of straddle carriers and is even applicable for multi-lane operations, whereby two straddle carriers can measure at the same time.

Read more: TT Club, the sponsor for ICHCA's Innovation in Safety Award, has highlighted a technique in stopping collisions between loads and stacks of containers in a technical paper

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