LASE Launches Solution for Precision Positioning

 16 Mar 2017 04.11pm

LASE has announced the launch of its new LaseSPC Straddle Positioning Crane for the exact positioning of straddle carriers (SC) under STS cranes.

Along with other positioning systems for trucks and AGVs, the product development completes the offer of applications for positioning tasks under STS cranes.

With the development of the retrofit-able application, LASE has used laser-based positioning systems for all horizontal modes of transport.

The LaseSPC Straddle Positioning Crane is a 2D measurement system consisting of two 2D laser scanners mounted on the water and landside sill beam.

The straddle carriers are equipped with reference markers on all four portal legs and after the straddle carrier is under or approaching the crane, the measurement system detects them and calculates the exact position of the SC.

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With the use of LED displays, the straddle carrier driver receives a feedback about his relative position to the crane centre and the final target position.

Possible corrections of the position will be shown as numeric displacement information in order to move forwards or backwards.

Furthermore, the information of the straddle carrier will be hosted to the crane control system in order to prevent the hoist lowering into the lane where the straddle carrier is.

The system offers an exact positioning of straddle carriers and is even applicable for multi-lane operations, whereby two straddle carriers can measure at the same time.

LASE said in a statement: “The main intention is to continue the mission for safer and more efficient container operations in ports and terminals.

“All in all the launch of LaseSPC covers all modes of horizontal container transport by this laser-based positioning system and builds an easy interface to the vertical operations.”

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