Lack of Ocean Supply Chain Technology Creating Inefficiencies

 22 Jun 2017 10.33am

A new BPI survey has found that a lack of cross-industry collaboration in the ocean supply chain technology is creating "costly" inefficiencies.

The global report, ‘Competitive Gain in the Ocean Supply Chain: Innovation That's Driving Maritime Operational Transformation’, carried out in coordination with Navis and XVELA — both part of Cargotec's Kalmar business area, has revealed that the industry needs to improve supply chain visibility after more than 80% of 200-plus professionals documented concerns about their sectors.

Respondents from terminal operators, carriers, logistics providers, vessel owners, port authorities, shippers, consignees and other members of the global ocean supply chain have reported that the areas most in need of improvement are carrier to terminal coordination, supply chain visibility and information sharing, terminal operations, cargo flow visibility and predictability, and coordination across carrier alliances.

The study also indicated that importers, exporters, container carriers, terminal operators, vessel owners and other stakeholders suffer from “poor visibility and predictability” around shipments and are losing money due to a lack of partner synchronisation and insufficient data insight.

Andreas Mrozek, Global Head Marine & Terminal Operations for the Hamburg Sud Group, part of Maersk Line — the world's largest container shipping line, said: "Everyone benefits from collaboration and data sharing. It starts with the customers and moves to the carriers, then the terminal operators, vendors, freight systems, truck companies, and keeps going down the line. Closer collaboration is a compelling value proposition for each supply chain partner."

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