LA Port to Go Emission-Free by 2035

 13 Jun 2017 12.42pm

Los Angeles’s Mayor has committed the city-owned ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to publish a plan for zero-emissions trucks and yard equipment in coming months, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Declarations signed by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garnett on July 12, 2017 will move along the updated pollution-reduction plan under development by the ports.

It commits the them to approving a new plan by November to cut pollution entirely from diesel-powered freight-hauling vehicles and cargo handing equipment.

A zero-emission cargo-handling equipment deadline has been is set for 2030 and for zero-emission trucks for 2035.

Already the ports have reduced emissions under their joint 2006 Clean Air Action Plan.

The mayor's agreement largely underlines targets proposed in the ports'  2017 pollution-reduction plan.

A new feasibility study is to be launched by The Port of Los Angeles in mid-2017 in order to test automaker Toyota Motor North America’s zero-emission fuel cell system for heavy duty trucks in drayage operations.

Technical Paper: Port of Los Angeles: How to be Green

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