LA and Long Beach to Work Together

 27 Mar 2015 03.53pm

The Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach are to work in tandem in an effort to relieve the two major US West Coast ports of congestion.

Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka and Port of Long Beach Chief Jon Slangerup and their executive teams met earlier this week to discuss the collaboration, according to the Press Telegram.

“Through this working group, we will engage with our stakeholders to discuss issues and develop solutions for optimising cargo flow through our ports,” said Gene Seroka.

Adding: “Our ports, customers, labour force and supply chain partners are committed to taking this gateway to a new and higher level of performance, and we’ll accomplish this by working together.”

The ports have struggled with labour issues and the capacities of mega-ships, leading to widespread congestion across the US West Coast.

Jon Slangerup said: “Our shared goal is to optimise the performance of the trans-Pacific supply chain. The San Pedro Bay has always been the fastest route between Asia and the US, and I’m confident we will find ways to significantly increase the velocity of goods movement and overall efficiency of our end-to-end system.”

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