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Kuenz: Next Level Crane Automation

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Kuenz’s CEO David Moosbrugger has explained to Port Technology why crane product development and automation are such important factors in the future of ports and terminals.

The interview at TOC Europe 2017 covered the advantages that come with Kuenz’s position as a market leader in relation to designing and marketing new products.

Moosbrugger also explained why container handling automation development is happening at such a fast pace and whether the downturn in shipping has negatively impacted automation and what the future may hold.

Technical Paper: A New Dawn for Crane Technology

The interview with Moosbrugger also revealed why the crane specialist develops its products “from scratch” in a product line called Special Cranes.

Moosbrugger said: “About 25% of our employees have an engineering background and this is the basis for designing and launching the new products.” 

Q&A: David Moosbrugger, Managing Director, Kuenz

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