Kosmala to Chair PTI Conference

 31 Jan 2018 10.40am

PTI is proud to announce Kris Kosmala, Vice President APAC with Quintiq, as the Master of Ceremonies for the upcoming Container Terminal Automation Conference.

Kosmala brings many years of extensive experience in the port, services and technology sectors, and presently works in Singapore with Quintiq, a software and development company specializing in the development and provision of advanced mathematical optimization software.

Having moderated several sessions at last year’s conference, Kosmala proved to be a highly popular and dynamic host and will moderate many sessions at the upcoming conference including, but not limited to, The Future of AI, the Intelligent Supply Chain and Automation with Exponential Technologies.

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Kosmala said: "I would like to welcome members of the maritime logistics community to the Container Terminal Automation Conference. In 2017, we talked about the automation of port facilities and equipment, robotics, IoT, and the massive amounts of data that will be generated in the day-to-day use of all those technologies.

"All that data could easily overwhelm human capabilities. It is becoming increasingly clear that artificial intelligence can help in processing all this data and make the correct plans and decisions in the majority of cases, leaving humans to deal with exceptions and uncertainties.

"However, ports should also look to sourcing, refining and leveraging their data to create commercial opportunities for new high-value services. That’s where AI will be even more useful, as it will be able to uncover relations between many more disparate data points than a human can.

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"The notion that AI developments will somehow displace those who work in ports should be dispelled. The deployment of AI in ports should be viewed as an opportunity to create efficiencies outside of the port gates, not as a competition with humans.

"Finding efficiencies and devising new services could actually result in increased, not reduced, port employment.

"As Chair of the conference, I am looking forward to bringing these disparate points of view into cohesive ideas that conference participants can take back to their companies and apply them in their own work environment. See you in London."

PTI Managing Director James Khan added: "Kris has a unique and highly insightful perspective on all areas of container shipping ports and terminals.

"I have regularly followed his social media posts and he has this ability to ask the questions which really matter. Hence the reason for asking him to be our Master of Ceremonies."

PTI will be announcing a host of key speakers, key papers and key sessions throughout February in order to prepare an audience of delegates from around the world in the subject matter of the conference.

The PTI Container Terminal Automation Conference is due to run from March 14-15, 2018, in London, UK. 

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