Key Suez Bridge to Reopen

 11 Jan 2016 10.24am

Egypt’s army has said that the Al-Salam Bridge which crosses the Suez Canal – a key part of government plans to develop the area around the canal – is to reopen in a matter of days, according to the JOC.

It has been an immensely busy time for the Suez Canal: shortly after opening a new channel for traffic it was announced a second expansion was to be completed. While in mid-2015 it was announced that a massive logistics centre is to be developed around the canal; the reopening of the bridge is key to such development. 

The bridge has been closed since September 2013 due to security concerns.

The advancement of the Suez Canal has rocketed ahead of the Panama Canal which is set to open new lock gates in 2016. The Suez Canal can handle significantly more traffic and much larger ships than its Panamanian counterpart.

The Suez Canal has no locks because it is built on a much flatter terrain, and therefore sea-level difference is inconsequential.

Egypt’s efforts to develop its major trade route and surrounding area exhibit how the Suez Canal remains a key asset and a source of positivity in a country recently wracked with civil strife.

It has recently been announced that the Suez Canal is set to have its own police force in an effort to protect it from piracy and terrorism.

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