Kelvin Hughes’ SharpEye™ Radar Performance Improves Pirate Threat Detection

 16 Feb 2011 10.01am

  • Kelvin Hughes introduce new SharpEye™ radar system for pirate detection

  • The SharpEye™ enables detection even in low cloud and high levels of rain

Kelvin Hughes the British manufacturer of marine navigation systems, have developed the new SharpEye™ radar system for pirate detection.

The SharpEye™ radar system enables detection even in low cloud and high levels of rain.

The value of being able to detect small vessels approaching in any weather conditions, and automatically identify potentially hostile behaviour, was highlighted by a report of piracy in 2011within the CHIRP maritime report.

Kelvin Hughes designed their radar system in response to this issue as previous radars struggled to operate efficiently in bad weather conditions.

"Most commercial marine radars will struggle to detect the type of small craft favoured by pirates", said Spike Hughes, Kelvin Hughes’ Commercial Business Director. "However, not all radars are the same, our SharpEye™ solid state technology is exceptionally effective in detecting small targets, especially in high levels of rain and sea clutter and can prove a valuable tool in the early detection of pirates".

“SharpEye™ provides better detection of small targets than a conventional magnetron radar both because of its improved performance in clutter and by using doppler processing. These two factors combine to provide SharpEye with the best possible threat detection, approaching that of multi-million-dollar military systems, and gives a ship time to take appropriate counter-measures".

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