Kalmar President: ‘Copy With Pride’ When Automating Ports

 08 Sep 2017 10.40am

Kalmar’s President Antti Kaunonen has said that the port industry should be able to “copy with pride” when it comes to standardizing automation.

During the interview with Port Technology at TOC Europe 2017, Kaunonen said that the port and terminals industry would benefit from automation standards because it would mean that a new technologically-advanced facility could be replicated in other locations to benefit the sector as a whole.

Kaunonen said: “The only answer really is that we have to be able to copy with pride in this industry so we have proven solutions.”

Kaunonen recently reported that a lack of global commercial standards for terminal automation is holding back the entire container shipping industry.

The efficiencies that can be created for terminals through automation software has also been discussed by Navis' General Manager and Vice President EMEA Guenter Schmidmeir, who is a colleague of Kaunonen's under the Cargotec company umbrella.

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In another video with Port Technology, Kaunonen discussed the aggressive way in which ports and terminals are developing automation:

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