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K-line Outlines 2050 Environmental Vision

K Line has recently announced its environmental vision for 2050. This is a long-term environmental management vision for the global environmental conservation toward 2050 to realise a sustainable society.

In the future global environment, it is expected that the worldwide population will increase rapidly in emerging countries, and will lead to faster economic growth and a greater demand for natural resources – food and water – and industrial products, such as cars and home electrical appliances. As a result, environmental issues like resources depletion and global warming will become more serious problems.

Shipping is essentially a very efficient and eco-friendly transportation mode that can transport a large amount of goods at one time. K-line has identified a course of action in order to reduce environmental impact to as close to zero as possible and fulfill the responsibilities as a key industry operating to support people’s well-being and lifestyles.

The shipping line is taking firm steps towards the ‘Goals of 2050’ set in our environmental vision through a variety of initiatives related to environmental conservation.