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JLT Joins Navis Ready Partner Program

JLT Mobile Computers has announced it has joined the Navis Ready partner program and is to initiate validation of its rugged vehicle-mount computers with the Navis N4 TOS.

JLT made the announcement live at Navis World.

The Navis Ready program is designed to allow suppliers of often disparate technologies to cooperate within a marine container terminal operating environment.

Eric Miller, CEO with JLT, said: “This goes back to the evolution of JLT. We’ve made products for years for large port customers, but it was under a different name. So now we’re coming out.

“This partnership really validates JLT. Our products are next-generation, and now they will have Navis’s stamp on them.”

Per Holmberg, also CEO, added: “We’re giving customers that extra comfort. It’s interesting that we’ve met many customers here at the show that have been using our products already. We have been established now for many years, but now we are more firmly established.”

Navis World has been unique in bringing together big industry names, port operators and technical specialists, and Eric Miller stated that it was great for them to connect with all three to further JLT’s expertise and unite in increasing productivity across the supply chain.

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