Jaxport Handles $2 Million Generator

 07 Aug 2017 11.33am

Stevedores employed by Seaonus, a tenant at the US port of Jacksonville, the 15th largest port in the country by container throughput, recently moved a 48 tonne generator.

Master riggers specializing in heavy lift and project cargo handled a precious piece of power-plant kit as it made its way through the port.

It was made in Germany and shipped from Belgium to Jaxport in a wooden crate aboard the Spliethoff general cargo vessel Dynamogracht.

The generator came in via the port’s Talleyrand Marine Terminal for onward trucking to the Midwest aboard an 11-axle tractor trailer.

Talleyrand Marine Terminal offers 4,780 linear feet of berth space and is located near three US interstates.

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