Italian terminal TDT employs Kaleris yard optimising solution

Terminal Darsena Toscana employs Kaleris' yard optimising solution

Terminal Darsena Toscana (TDT), Italy’s primary refrigerated cargo port, has employed a new technology from Kaleris to eliminate rehandling moves.

Kaleris has successfully deployed its Navis N4 Expert Decking solution to manage and optimise yard planning.

After recently experiencing significant volume growth that resulted in extreme yard utilisation, TDT launched Expert Decking to maximise efficiency and throughput as part of its new strategy for solving yard planning challenges.

Strategically located in Livorno, Italy’s northwestern coast, TDT has an annual operational capacity of 900,000 TEU and is the largest Italian port for refrigerated cargo.

The terminal serves central and northeastern Italy while representing a key access point for wider European markets with convenient road and rail access.

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It also plays an important role in exports to the US, South America, the Caribbean, and Africa.

“The post-pandemic period created numerous yard occupancy and congestion challenges for us,” said Giuseppe Caleo, Commercial Director and PM at TDT.

“Disrupted vessel scheduling and blank sailings increased dwell time for export containers,” added Caleo.

He noted that, in conjunction with increased demand for vessel and port discharge changes, as well as absorbing surplus containers, TDT saw a substantial increase in wasteful transfers and it became clear the usual method to plan yard allocations would no longer work.

According to Kaleris, TDT was able to achieve the following with N4 Expert Decking as part of its new yard planning strategy:

  • Leveraging smart technology to automate decking decisions for import, export, reefer, and empty container, minimising intervention, and reactive actions required by yard planners.
  • Almost zero fail-to-deck containers by using the concept of wide allocations.
  • Enabling yard planners to proactively manage the yard since they don’t have to spend time on managing micro-allocation and fail-to-decks.
  • A reduction in rehandles of 25 per cent within two months of go-live.
  • Improved congestion management, yielding an improvement in quay crane productivity by one point.
  • Reducing the time external trucks spend in the yard creates more efficient, faster delivery for TDT’s inland customers.

“We now have the advantage of taking a proactive position where we can set strategies to find the best solution,” continued Caleo.

“Thanks to the excellent on-site collaboration between Kaleris and our team, we are already experiencing performance benefits, including a rehandling reduction and planning consistency.”

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The N4 Expert Decking solution considers the state of the yard in real-time, dynamically assessing container volumes, CHE locations, and stack configurations.

Move decisions are made logically, minimising the impact on future operations and maximising terminal operational efficiencies, according to Kaleris.

The comprehensive yard allocation module facilitates accurate and optimised stowage of containers in the yard so managers spend less time observing allocations and more time on higher-value activities.

“TDT’s steady growth is a testament to its excellent customer service,” said Jacques Marchetti, Chief Revenue Officer for Kaleris.

“We’re pleased to advance our partnership with TDT, enabling them to continue providing the fastest service for fresh goods distribution throughout Europe.”

In October 2019, Kalmar announced that it is to supply a total of 10 terminal tractors to Sintermar Darsena Toscana (SDT), a joint venture between the Grimaldi Group and TDT.

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