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Is data the new foundation for ports and terminals? (video)

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In part two of an exclusive interview series for PTI Dr. Eva Savelsberg, Senior Vice President at Inform, speaks about the importance of data and having a data strategy.

In the interview Savelsberg explains why ports should move from thinking about their foundations as physical infrastructure and concrete to data.

She speaks about how the industry is in the midst of deciding how to do data management in the future. In order to make these decisions it is important for ports to gather the relevant knowledge.

Inform is working to provide insight by leveraging its knowledge from data management in other sectors, such as banking, and sharing its findings with the ports and terminals industry.

Savelsberg, together with her colleagues at Inform, have written a number of papers on the topic including Screwed: The Real Value of Data and most recently part one of a three-part series Data Management is Fundamental.

To read Savelsberg’s interview with PTI click here.

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