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IPCSA welcomes new partners

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The International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA) has welcomed the Eastern Ligurian Sea Port Authority as new member and LOGINK as a participant on the Network of Trusted Networks (NoTN) platform.

The Eastern Ligurian Sea Port Authority is responsible for the Italian ports of La Spezia, which handled 13 million tonnes of cargo in 2021, and the port of Marina di Carrara, where cargo volumes grew by more than 31 per cent to 3.46 million tonnes last year.

The Port of La Spezia recorded a 17.2 per cent increase in container traffic in 2021, with a total container throughput of 1.37 million TEU.

“We are very keen to share knowledge and experience and our membership of IPCSA will be an important part of this,” said Federica Montaresi, Head of Special Projects, Innovation, and Institutional Relations at the Port Authority.

“Joining IPCSA will enable us to share best practice information, learn about other solutions that could be used in our ports and improve our knowledge about Port Community Systems at international level.”

Port of La Spezia, Italy

LOGINK is the National Public Information Platform for Transport and Logistics of China promoting the sharing and exchange of information on global logistics among supply chain participants.

LOGINK joined the IPCSA in December 2019.

The decision by LOGINK to join the NoTN – a secure port-to-port and cross-border data exchange solution – aims to create transparency in the supply chain through the safe and secure exchange of data between platforms.

“A reliable, accurate, accessible channel to synchronise the key status of delivery is critical to global logistics participants, especially against the background of COVID-19,” said Dr Sun, Director-General of LOGINK.

“This is a must-be-done task and, more importantly, we always believe it should be a co-effort achieved by contributors sharing the same values.”


Last October, the IPCSA announced the launch of its study which aims to support the development of Port Community Systems across the globe.

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