Integrated border security solution provides Abu Dhabi Customs unique vehicle inspection capability

 16 Jan 2009 10.46am

Perceptics, as the subcontractor to AS&E, will collaborate with AS&E to integrate its Under Vehicle Inspection Solutions and License Plate Reader imaging technology into AS&E’s OmniView™ Gantry cargo & vehicle inspection system and AS&E’s multi-view Z Portal® cargo & vehicle screening system.

Perceptics partnered with Dubai-based Simtix, its exclusive master distributor for the Middle East and North African region, to implement Perceptics’ solution with AS&E. “We are very excited to partner with Simtix and AS&E on the implementation of this high profile border security solution for Abu Dhabi Customs,” said Larry Smith, Perceptics’ V. P. Field Operations.

Perceptics’ Solution for Abu Dhabi Customs: Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS). The vehicle inspection technology from Perceptics uses a very high-resolution 4K true-color line digital camera image of the undercarriage of a vehicle to be compared side-by-side either with a previous image taken of the same vehicle or of a like vehicle. The all-weather system utilizes a high-velocity air blade to keep the unit free of sand and moisture. The seamless digital image allows the operator to view the undercarriage as a whole with 12X zoom capabilities. An integrated scene camera provides a snapshot of the vehicle, which creates a consolidated image of the scanned vehicle.

Perceptics’ patented License Plate Reader (LPR) imaging system features an Arabic optical character recognition engine that recognizes all types of license plates: retro-reflective, non-retro-reflective, embossed and flat. Real-time vehicle risk assessment provides Customs officials with an accurate full plate and state of origin and country of origin identification. The LPR system features front license plate image recognition.

Perceptics’ Vehicle Inspection Software (VIS) System provides an intuitive, dependable and rapid method of consolidating the high-resolution images produced by Perceptics’ LPR and UVIS systems.

Designed with scalable, Ethernet-based architecture, VIS maintains a ‘Hit List’ of suspect vehicles with operator alarms and supports the ability to send e-mail alarm notifications to off-site officials. The VIS database is fully searchable based on criteria such as vehicle type, driver’s name, license plate or time/date range. The seamless digital image allows the operator to view the vehicle’s undercarriage as a whole with 12X zoom capabilities.

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