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Innovation Project to Form Digital Shipping Company

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Loginno, a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, has unveiled its ‘Contopia Factor’ initiative, a plan to form the world’s first digital shipping company.

According to a statement from the start-up organization, Loginno will select one shipping company to have its entire container fleet digitalized in 2019.

During the six-month process, shipping companies of medium to small size will have the chance to submit an executive summary, detailing what they would do if selected to equip their entire fleet with Loginno’s AGAM devices.

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Nir Gartzman, co-founder of maritime innovation hub theDOCK, commented: “The benefits to the selected shipping company are huge.

“First and foremost, the selected shipping company will be forever etched in history as the first shipping company to go full digital on their container fleet.

“Contopia will have a significant effect on the bottom line of that shipping company, decreasing operational costs, and gaining competitive advantages because of the upgraded services they could offer their customers.”

theDOCK is part of a group of Contopia partners, such as classification service leader Lloyd’s Register, electronics manufacturer Sunwoda, and defence innovation specialist IAI.



Some of the use cases for Contopia, to be tested in real-life scenarios, include the onboarding of scale-less weight measurement and the development of a “Cyber Seal” certificate to replace a container's physical seal, as well as operational optimization and supply chain management.

Shachar Tal, Loginno co-founder, said: “The shipping industry is ripe for disruption and for a dramatic technological upgrade.

Fellow co-founder Amit Aflalo added: “The Contopia Factor serves shipping companies with an offer they can't refuse: a package of competitive advantages, profitability improvements and the halo of being a true innovator.”

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