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Innovation for a Changing World

Innovation for a Changing World

A new paper from Jesús García López, CEO of Connectainer & Intermodal Solutions, explores how new forms of innovation can finally see the world get to grips with container shipping emissions and provide an efficient and healthy supply chain, as we strive to reimagine the ways in which we view the container.

You can review that paper here

López focuses in on the effects the container has on the supply chain and articulates a remodelling of empty container repositioning and our understanding of emissions.

Connectainer & Intermodal Solutions released a video with PTI in 2015 which outlined the company's vision for the Connectainer – a container that connects to others in order to clear the container yard of empties.

You can view that video below:

Jesús García López states of the future for container terminal efficiency: “Nothing is impossible. In the hands of profesionals logistics is the knowledge of problems and the ideas for the solutions. This is the only way to help the industry to be improve. New technologies are appearing and we must embrace these in order to help industry innovation.”

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