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Infosys Announces IoT Partnership with Siemens

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Consultant and technology provider Infosys will collaborate with Siemens PLM Software, to develop Siemens’ cloud-based IoT operating system MindSphere to support customers within industries such as manufacturing, transportation and logistics.

By linking industrial machinery and other equipment to a digital system, MindSphere will enable customers to leverage data created by their devices.

As well as aiding Siemens to provide tailored services for companies, including predictive maintenance and end-to-end factory visibility, Infosys will also offer end-to-end implementation services for the MindSphere system.

By utilising a repository of Industry 4.0 accelerators, such as a maturity assessment framework, as well as platform tools like edge connectivity and AR/VR, Infosys will be capable of quickly onboarding customers to the MindSphere platform.

Dr Leonard Heilig and Prof Stefan Voß discuss how the Internet of Things (IoT) can support an intelligent supply chain in a recent Port Technology technical paper

Discussing the new partnership, Ravi Kumar, President and Deputy COO of Infosys, said: “Our new partnership with Siemens for MindSphere perfectly fits into our vision of seeing the physical and digital worlds converge.

“There is an increasing need for enterprises to accelerate their digital journeys and to deliver new and innovative services. This partnership will help us bring exciting solutions to our customers that combine strategic insights and execution excellence.”

Paul Kaeley, Senior Vice President of Global Partner Ecosystem and Siemens PLM Software, stated: “Infosys, with its strengths in industrial engineering, depth of experience in industrial analytics and emerging areas like augmented reality and virtual reality, together with Siemens’ expertise in manufacturing industrial assets, will bring wide and differentiated value-added digital services to customers from different branches, especially engineering and asset-intensive customers.”

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