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INFORM Releases 2038 Part 2 Teaser Text

INFORM Releases 2038 Part 2 Teaser Text

INFORM has released a snippet of dialogue from their hotly anticipated 2038: A Smart Port Story – Part 2 that is due to be released at the upcoming CTAC Conference in London on 6-8, May 2019.

We last saw protagonist Douglas embroiled in a mystery accident in a container terminal of the future, leaving us with a raft of questions on whether it was an accident, a conspiracy, or even an evil bot.  

You can refresh your memory by downloading 2038: A Smart Port Story Part 1

The dialogue INFORM has released also comes with a new teaser image in which we see the accident about to happen (below), while the dialogue itself sees Interpol Detective Douglas interacting with Elena, his personal AI assistant as they review security footage where the accident occurred.


The image shows the mystery culprit hiding in the terminal as the autonomous vehicle approaches


The exclusively released dialogue is below:


“Where would you like to start Douglas?” Elena asked.
“Take me to the incident minus two minutes,” Douglas replied.
“Incident minus two minutes it is. Give me a second to queue the correct timestamp and sequence the video. Done.”
Douglas stood up and moved to an open space at the side of the table. “Let’s go into full immersion, Elena, please.”
“Noted. Adjusting.” The slight transparency of Douglas’s VR glasses faded away. He reached into his pocket to fish out a small case. From inside he removed two, small, black attachments which he promptly affixed to either side of his glasses to block out any light making the glasses appear more like Arctic explorer’s sunglasses. The two side panels activated adjacent to the lenses and extended the viewing experience of the VR glasses to encompass Douglas’s complete field of sight.
“Activate hand control, please, Elena. I’d like to drive from here.”
“Confirmed.” A simple ring activated on each of Douglas’s index fingers followed by a brief message appearing in Douglas’s field of view confirming both rings had connected successfully. Each ring was equipped with a multitude of sensors working together to detect even the slightest of hand gestures thereby allowing the subtlest of hand movements to be converted into commands to control his VR experience.
“Douglas, you’re looking at where the incident took place two minutes before. I don’t see the individual yet,” Elena announced.
“Let’s take a look around,” Douglas suggested. He engaged the rings by pressing his thumb and index fingers together; the rings detected the change in muscle tone in his fingers. Once engaged, Douglas began moving his arms, releasing his fingers, resetting his arms, and repeating in a well-rehearsed piece of choreography. To an observer, it would have looked odd, although increasingly, many people had become accustomed to the sight of unusual VR movements such as this. From Douglas’s field of view, the terminal world was being dynamically recreated in 3D all around him as he moved through the facility, looking for the individual involved in the incident.
“Found you!” Douglas excitedly whispered.


While we can see Douglas has made a big discovery regarding the terminal mystery, the true ramifications of this discovery and the shocking identity are to be revealed in Part 2, which will be exclusively launched at CTAC.

To be a part of the event, which will see expert speakers reveal how automation can be leveraged to deliver performance, visit the official conference website.


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