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Inform discusses the port industry’s most pressing priorities (video)

Inform Video Interview
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With over a decade of experience in the ports and terminals industry Dr. Eva Savelsberg, Senior Vice President, Inform’s logistics division, provides insight into some of the key trends the industry is experiencing today and what the future holds for sustainability, pandemic response and innovation.

Savelsberg highlights hat the large economic trends the industry should be focused on include sustainability and a shift of the global centres of economic activity. It was also noted that the African youth bulge will plat a part in shaping our industry.

Savelsberg also discusses the COVID-19 pandemic, speaking in August 2020 she said that we are “all still likely in shock” and there is still no clear pictures on the full affect of the pandemic on our lives.

On innovation, and the need to bring more of this to the industry, Savelsberg said that “the industry has some challenges with innovation. The margins are not so great, we have very long asset cycles and profit has to split between different parties.”

This makes bringing new innovation to the industry difficult because of the high proportion of risk.

“I think perhaps, for the time being, it’s not so much about what’s the next huge innovation we haven’t thought of. I think there is a big challenge in adapting all those innovations, which are already out there,” she said.

To read the interview click here.

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