Infographic: Top 10 Freight Rate Negotiation Tactics


Having trouble preparing for your ocean freight rate negotiations with carriers? Make sure you read through Xeneta's top 10 infographic and follow some key points from the ocean freight rate data company on what not to do below.

1. Drop the boxing gloves

Allow all your inquiries to signify real steps, however big or small, toward a mutually advantageous business relationship.


2. Don’t ignore some fundamental homework in the freight negotiation process

Before your first move in your freight rate negotiation, you want to be smart about the numbers that will come up in the conversation. Know where your estimate stands within the price range for your items. Review all relevant invoices, bill of ladings, carrier contracts and accounting systems that your business accumulated in the past.


3. Don’t ignore the changing tides on your freight-rate voyage

Peak seasons yield higher price estimates. Depending on the nature of your goods, there are slow and heavier seasons and prices reflect supply and demand. Another nuance is marketplace quality versus cost-savings and that is where you need to examine your own priorities.


4. Don’t make amends

Any tweaks to your sea freight Bill of Lading might invite a real headache for your company. Changes may not even be possible after the goods have arrived to wherever they were assigned. Keep to your goal to be cost-saving hero without having to shoulder extra fees charged because you amended the Bill of Lading to the point where you incurred extra charges.


5. Don’t be too proud to ask for outside help if you need it

Choosing a reliable third party with sophisticated software tools can open your door toward selecting the freight rates and services that will more than compensate for your having made the investment in outside assistance.

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