Indonesia Port Corporation implements the world’s largest Port Community System

 27 Sep 2012 10.58am

  • State-owned port operator to deploy SOGET and Microsoft's Port Community System

The Indonesia Port Corporation (IPC), Indonesia’s state-owned port operator, has chosen the solutions provided by SOGET and Microsoft Corp. to implement the largest Port Community System in the World.

The system will initially be deployed in Jakarta, before further expansion to other Indonesian ports.

Improving the quality of its national supply chain has been one of the priorities of the Indonesian Government since the Port Reform of 2008, with the objective of increasing competitiveness and facilitating the integration of Indonesian trade within a multimodal transportation system.

Making the sector more transparent, with a clear separation of regulatory and operating functions established by port authorities, has also been a key element of the reform. The Indonesian Government has encouraged investments by the private sector and local governments to achieve these aims.

“The implementation in Indonesia of the largest Port Community System in the world will allow our ports to increase dramatically their level of activity while complying with international trade facilitation and security standards,” said IPC CEO, RJ Lino.

“Connectivity established by Port Community System will speed up the integration of trade at both domestic and international levels and accelerate Indonesia economic development by improving its logistics performance and competitiveness.”

“It is also a key support to the Masterplan for the Acceleration and Expansion of Economic Development of Indonesia (MP3EI) implementation,” added Lino.

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