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Indian Ministry Urges Innovation


State owned ports in India are being told to take a leaf from the private sectors book, as the chiefs of twelve of the largest public ports are to visit the major private ports across the country, reported TimesofIndia.

Impressed with the innovation and efficiency of both privately owned ports and foreign ports, Indian Shipping Minister Nitin Gadkari is imploring port heads to visit their private competitors, some only a kilometre away from state run ports, to learn how to increase productivity

Gadkari said: “They have indigenously developed the mechanism to operate cranes from their central control room. Operation of cranes seems like someone playing video game. You don't find an operator inside a crane; it's all operated from the central control room. They also have a robust system of monitoring each activity.”

PTI reported early in September, 2016 that The Indian Maritime Administration, the directorate general of shipping, had produced break-through shipping surcharge legislation, creating more transparency in the industry.

India is not the only country looking to modernise its publicly owned ports to boost productivity and efficiency, the Nigerian Federal Government, after receiving much criticism over port congestion and inefficiency, announced at the beginning of September 2016 it would tackle its issues with an automation project.

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