In Pictures: The Mediterranean’s Top 5 Ports

 17 Feb 2015 04.44pm

1. Port of Algeciras, Spain

Algeciras has the largest port in the Mediterranean, having shifted around 4.5 million TEU in 2014, according to the Journal of Commerce.

The port handles around 30,000 ship-calls each year out of a total of 100,000 that traverse the Strait of Gibraltar.

According to World Port Source, the Port of Algeciras supports a thriving fishing industry, as well as agricultural exports that include items such as tobacco and cereal.

(Source: Skyscraper City)


2. Port of Valencia, Spain

The Port of Valencia is the second largest port in Spain and the Mediterranean.

According to Valencia’s port authority, the port is the first and last port of call along the inter-oceanic shipping line service for the Western Mediterranean, which makes it ideal for the distribution and concentration of traffic in the region.

In 2014, the port handled around 4.4 million TEU, a volume that was recently beaten by the Port of Algeciras.

(Source: Port Strategy)


3. Port of Barcelona, Spain

Spain is no doubt a prosperous country for international trade, with the Port of Barcelona making our number three spot.

The port received an award for being the third most productive port in Europe in the first half of 2014, which was granted as part of the JOC’s European Port Performance conference in the second half of 2014.

Barcelona shifted around 3.3 million TEU in 2014.

(Source: Cruise Newser)


4. Port of Gioia Tauro, Italy

Gioia Tauro handled around 3 million TEU in 2013, placing it at number four on our list.

Excluding water spaces and related areas, the Port of Gioia Tauro has a total area of 440 ha and is made up of public seaside areas and docks around the port’s district.



5. Port of Genoa, Italy

The Port of Genoa serves as a major outlet for industrial products in Northern Italy and most of Central Europe.

In 2014, it handled almost 2.2 million TEU and is an important trading hub for the Mediterranean Sea.

(Source: Genoa Terminal)

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