ICS Unveil New Bridge Procedures Guide

 01 Mar 2016 01.37pm

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has published a new edition of the ICS Bridge Procedures Guide, which is available to be used by seafarers and training institutes worldwide. 

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The new edition has been updated to address the 2010 amendments to the Standards of Training Certification and Watching (STCW) Convention with emphasis added on Bridge Resource Management and the use of new technology such as Electronic Chart Display Information Systems (ECDIS).

Peter Hinchliffe, ICS Secretary General, said: “ICS attaches the utmost importance to safe navigation.

“The purpose of the guide has always been to provide clear and accessible guidance on best practice for watch keeping on the bridge.

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“Rapid technological advances make this an increasingly complex task and the need for strict adherence to procedures that follow established best practice cannot be overstated.”

The ICS stated in a press release: “ECDIS is a good example of an area in which the introduction of new equipment and technology needs to be accompanied by appropriate guidance, in particular with respect to crew familiarisation with ship specific arrangements.

“The new guide therefore includes comprehensive ECDIS familiarisation checklists.”

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