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HMM launches new mega-ship fleet

HMM launches new mega-ship fleet
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HMM has said the first container ship in its new mega-ship fleet has begun its maiden voyage from the Port of Busan, South Korea.

In a statement, the carrier said the HMM Nuri has been deployed on the Far East Europe 4 (FE4) route under THE Alliance’s product plan.

It has a rotation of Busan, Shanghai, Ningbo, Yantian, Singapore, Suez Canal, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Antwerp, Southampton, Suez Canal, Yantian, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Busan.

The vessel has a nominal capacity of 16,010 TEU and is equipped with 1,200 plugs for reefer containers.

HMM expects to enhance its environmental capabilities by adding newly launched eight 16,000 TEU container ships. Each ship is fitted with an open-loop scrubber system embedded with hybrid-ready technology, and selective catalytic reduction technology has been applied to reduce NOx emissions by 80% or more compared to the industry average.

The carbon footprint per vessel also can be reduced by 52% with greater energy efficiency, enabling HMM to accelerate the pathway towards decarbonisation, the carrier claimed.

Besides, HMM Nuri and her seven sister vessels have adopted a full range of modern container securing systems to improve operational safety.

In particular, the lashing bridges have been designed as a wind-resistant structure that ensures reliable securing of containers from high winds.

The latest smart ship solution is one of the remarkable features of the vessels. All operational data will be transmitted to HMM’s Fleet Control Centre in real-time to have complete visibility over the ships.

HMM expects to strengthen its service competitiveness with a total of twenty highly efficient mega vessels, including twelve of the world`s largest 24,000 TEU container ships acquired last year. HMM plans to expand its capacity to about one million TEUs by 2022.

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