Haropa Ports Breaks Annual Record

 22 Jan 2016 10.52am

French port operator Haropa Ports has reported a 6 million tonne (Mt) rise in sea traffic reaching 91.4 Mt in 2015, an increase of 2.4% against 2014; indicating a year of solid growth.

Liquid bulk increased by 5.7% on the year, benefiting from favourable economic conditions; dry bulk rose by 4.1% as grain traffic reached high levels (8.17Mt), growing by 12.6%.

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Container traffic has remained stable, with a positive 0.7%, business within the Ro-Ro terminals has also increased by 7%, and the Paris grew by 3%.

More than US$542 public and private investments are expected throughout 2016 via the three ports of Haropa, as it aims to push on from a positive 2015.

The company said in a statement: “Haropa aim[s] to continue improving its contribution to the shipping services during the course of 2016, thereby strengthening its role as a major stakeholder.”

Q&A: Antoine Berbain, MD, Haropa Ports

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