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Hamburg and Tanger Med strike collaborative deal

Hamburg signs deal with Tanger Med
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The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) and Tanger Med Port Authority (TMPA) have signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) to collaborate on port digitization, efficiency, cyber security and data exchange.

In a statement, Hamburg said it and Tanger Med hold strong leadership positions in their respective regions and pursue common goals within the framework of port cooperation.

Jens Meier, CEO of HPA, said: “I am very pleased that with today’s signature of the Letter of Intent we have initiated a partnership between the Tanger Med Port Authority and the Hamburg Port Authority.

“Both ports occupy outstanding positions in their regions. In this way both sides will benefit strongly from an active partnership, especially when it comes to exchanges on questions about digitization or port cyber security. We as HPA are looking forward to bring this partnership to life.”

Mehdi Tazi Riffi, Managing Director, TMPA, also commented: “We are delighted to start this cooperation scheme bringing together Hamburg Port Authority and Tanger Med Port Authority on important subjects related to port competitiveness, digitization and innovation.

“Both ports, in their respective leading positions, share common views and objectives in this respect. Tanger Med Port is fully committed to this new partnership”.

Through this agreement, both port authorities jointly aim to work on exchanging experiences and good practices in several fields including: Efficiency of port and vessel operations, Digitalization and Port Community System, Traffic Management, Port (Cyber) Security, IT data exchange and Innovation.

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