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Gothenburg Begins New Terminal Project

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The construction of a new terminal in the Port of Gothenburg has begun after years of planning, according to a statement.

The project, which is scheduled for completion in 2025, is the largest expansion undertaking at Gothenburg in 40 years.

Around 350,000 cubic metres of dredge spoils, originating from the Göta Älv River, will be used to build the 220,000 square metre terminal.

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The spoils are toxic to the marine environment and derive from routine dredging carried out to maintain the water depth, but can be reused for other purposes.

Eduardo Epifanio, Project Manager at the Gothenburg Port Authority, explained: “There is no suitable landfill site for contaminated spoil volumes of this magnitude.

“This is an excellent way of using the contaminated spoils and at the same time helping to clean up the river.”



Following successful trials, to ensure the spoils can be enclosed safely without them seeping into the surroundings, the first stage of work is ready to commence in Arendal Bay.

This will involve the piling of materials from the seabed down to the rock, under an embanked area to be built using blasted rock and sand.

Magnus Kårestedt, Gothenburg Port Authority Chief Executive, commented: “It feels very exciting indeed that we can finally break ground in the biggest development project at the port since the 1970s.

“The terminal is a vital part of the long-term expansion plans at the port, and it will reinforce Gothenburg even further as the logistics capital of the Nordic region.”

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