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Goeyvaerts orders additional Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbor Cranes

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The Port of Terbeuzen and Port of Antwerp will both receive new eco-efficient Konecranes Gottwald Model 7 Mobile Harbor Cranes.

Following an order placed at the the end of 2019 by Goeyvaerts-R bvba (Goeyvaerts), one crane will be delivered to the Port of Terneuzen, The Netherlands, in spring 2020 and one will be delivered to the Port of Antwerp, Belgium, in mid-2020.

The two new cranes will be Konecranes Gottwald Model 7 Mobile Harbor Cranes in the 4-rope variant G HMK 7608 B.  

“We already operate a large fleet of Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbor Cranes, and we’ll have a total of 20 with this new order,” said Kevin Goeyvaerts, co-owner and COO of Goeyvaerts. “As rental cranes, they have to be adaptable to all kinds of applications and easy to move from one place to another.”

They are multi-purpose cranes that can lift up to 150 tons, and they will be used by Goeyvaerts’ customers to handle bulk materials and containers as well as general and project cargo. Commissioning will be completed in Terneuzen in June 2020, and in Antwerp in September.

The cranes will have built-in readiness for an external power supply, so conversion to electric operation will be easy when resources allow.

Founded in 1953, Goeyvaerts started with cranes for barge handling on inland waterways. In 2006, they expanded their offering with harbour cranes, and now operate in seven European ports: Antwerp, Ghent and Zeebrugge in Belgium, and Terneuzen, Vlissingen, Rotterdam and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The company rents out a range of machines with mobile harbour cranes at the centre and offers customers support with strong 24/7 technical service. Their success led them to investigate acquiring more equipment, and they decided to purchase two more mobile harbour cranes.


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