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Global shipping line appoints GL Terminal for services in Jakarta

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GL Terminal has announced that one of the world’s largest shipping lines has appointed the company to provide container depot and trucking services in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The contract will begin with immediate effect.

GL Terminal was unable to reveal the name of the shipping line at this time due to confidentiality factors.

For the new contract GL Terminal will provide a range of services, including empty container handling and storage, container inspection, cleaning and repair, and empty truck repositioning.

Additional services will also be provided if required.

The award of the contract followed a lengthy and detailed tender and requirements assessment that included both technical and compliance information and recognition of the importance of the customer’s code of conduct.

Also considered important was the facility setup and location and the use of technology and innovation to overcome some traditional challenges.

Paul Good, GL Terminal founder, said, “We are delighted to receive this contract and it is recognition of the hard work and dedication from the whole team and a validation of the strategy that we embarked upon when launching GL Terminal.

“We look forward to a strategic and mutually beneficial partnership and possible future expansion and further cooperation.”

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