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Global Ports aims to boost visibility with STS video surveillance system

Global Ports installs video surveillance system at PLP
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Petrolesport (PLP), a subsidiary of Global Ports Group, has installed a video surveillance system on its ship-to-shore (STS) gantry cranes as part of efforts to improve visibility and safety of container handling.

Each of the six STS cranes at PLP has been equipped with four cameras: two cameras are mounted on the crane trolley and monitor the area behind the spreader and the rear area relative to the cabin, one is placed on the front part of the portal to monitor the berth, and one operates in the cabin.

The external cameras are broadcasted to a monitor in the crane cabin, which provides the operator with an additional view of container operations in areas with poor visibility.

Marc Niederer, Global Ports Chief Operating Officer, said, “Monitoring cargo movement with cameras will increase the safety and convenience of loading and unloading operations. When working with containers, the visibility of some areas on the vessel is limited and the crane operator can only navigate by signalman commands.

“The cameras will allow the operator to position containers on the vessel in blind spots without the help of the signalman and prevent damage to other containers and equipment.”

“Positioning cameras to record the crane operator’s actions will make it easier to investigate any arising incidents.

“The video recordings will also be used to analyse the vessel handling process and assess the operator’s work to prevent future incidents.”

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