Gaussin-BA Create “Robots of the Future”

 16 Feb 2016 09.18am

Gaussin Manugistique has teamed up with automated vehicle specialist BA Systèmes (BA) to create VASCO: a research and development collaborative project that focuses on innovation within port robotics. Collectively, the French companies intend to develop the first 100% automated system, with guidance without any infrastructure, for the transfer of containers in port terminals.

In order to make the project a reality, project leaders Gaussin and BA have moulded a consortium which includes the Crystal Laboratory of Lille 1 University, and the  IRCCyn Laboratory of the École Centrale de Nantes. Both will work on the automation and guidance of three automated vehicles known as mobile robots.

The vehicles will be tested in 2017.

BA said in a statement that: “The solution offered by VASCO should radically improve the productivity of container terminals and reduce the operating costs.”

Bpifrance recently conducted an audit of the project, following which the public institution submitted a framework contract to the consortium members.

Gaussin and BA Systèmes announced in October, 2014 the creation of a joint company called Port Automation Systems (PAS), which aims at combining the port equipment with technology “without infrastructure” (robotic guidance and fleet management) to meet the growing global demand for port automation.

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