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Research Paper: Gamification “Reshaping Global Economy”

Research Paper: Gamification “Reshaping Global Economy”

A new white paper written by alumni of Bell Laboratories Professor Evangelos Markopoulos and a team of experts rearticulates gamification in the collective imagination from a futuristic conception to a key facet of the technological revolution, arguing a strong and detailed case for its inclusion in modern ports and terminals.

The paper states that humanity has moved through incremental stages of socio-economic development, beginning with the Industrial Revolution in the mid-1700’s and leading to now, an era the paper terms the “global knowledge revolution”.

The paper reads: “Gamification can be seen as a new element in the technological revolution that can change the way people interact with technology and the way technology gets integrated with the current needs of the global economy and society.

“Gamification is not about making games, but a new culture driven by motivation and activation factors towards moving the gaming experience in the [port and terminal] industry.”

Read the white paper here: Gamification Reshapes the Global Economy: From Industrial Revolution to the Global Knowledge Revolution

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Read in its entirity, the paper makes the most expansive case yet for the port and terminal industry to move to gamification in order to expidite processess. 

The paper’s authors are the aforementioned Professor Markopoulos; Professor Angelos Markopoulos of the National Technical University of Athens; Professor Mika Luimula, Head of the Game Laboratory at the ICT Unity at Turku University of Applied Sciences; and student in game design Panos Markopoulos.

Professor Evangelos Markopoulos is due to speak at the upcoming PTI Terminal Automation & Training Conference on the importance of utilising new training methodologies (i.e. gamification) in ports and terminals.

Gamification has previously been heralded as a new model for training that uses ‘serious games’ to engage port and terminal workers, breathing fresh life to learning by combining fun and education.

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