Friday Focus: Volvo’s Smart Supply Chain

 21 Sep 2018 11.20am

Volvo Group has shown what it believes will be the future of container shipping and logistics, and identified connected, electric and automated as the key words that will drive innovation in the supply chain.

The company’s scenario involves fully automated container ships travelling between ports, with minimal personnel requirements and moving all round the clock, monitored from start-to-finish by a control centre.

To learn more about data sharing and automation, read a Port Technology technical paper

 A vessel will slow down when it’s approaching its destination and docks itself at the pier. A container loader, equipped with autonomous and electric technology, will automatically unloads the container onto another autonomous vehicle.

Volvo Group goes onto demonstrate how the cargo leaves the port through an automatic, secure gate. The autonomous vehicles then form an autonomous connected driving convoy.

The transport system is enabled by an integrated cloud platform that connects people, logistics and infrastructure partners, forming what it calls a ‘Smart Society’.

Volvo Group is heavily involved in the research and implementation of autonomous logistics technology.

On September 17 2018, showing the advancements it’s made in next-generation transport solutions with a coordination system for autonomous electric goods vehicles.

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